1. emphasis, accent, accentuation, italics, underscoring, underlining; significance, consequence, consideration, moment, import, concern, note, mark; importance, primacy, priority, preeminence, distinction, prestige; value, worth, merit, virtue; weight, gravity, seriousness, solemnity; urgency, imperativeness, exigency, press, pinch, high pressure; affirmation, assurance, averment.
2.Phonetics. accent, accentuation, syllable stress, primary or secondary or tertiary stress, weak stress; attack, delivery, force of utterance.
3.Prosody. ictus, metrical stress, cadence, beat, rhythm; rhythmic pattern, rhythmical emphasis, rhythmical accentuation.
4. strain, straining, tension, tensity, physical tension or pressure; stretch, extension, distension, elongation, protraction; pull, draw, haul, tug; force, thrust, push, shove, heave.
5. pain, distress, grief, suffering; stress and strain, rigor, stress of life, vicissitude, care, heat; nervous strain or tension, mental strain or pressure, worry, anxiety; psychological stress, frustration, conflict, trauma; overexertion, overstraining, overstress; stresssfulness, tenseness, tautness.
6. emphasize, lay stress or emphasis upon, give emphasis to, punctuate, accent; underline, underscore, point up, italicize, call attention to, mark, bring home, press home; feature, spotlight, highlight, play up, give promience to, bring to the fore, bring into relief, Inf. headline; intensify, strengthen, deepen, heighten.
7. insist upon, reassert, reaffirm, repeat; belabor, rub in, harp on, dwell on, hammer away, pound away; dramatize, overemphasize, overstress, overaccentuate, make a mountain out of a molehill, make a big thing out of nothing, make a federal case out of [s.t.].
8. drive, whip, flog, force, run, run into the ground; harass, bull, bulldoze; tire, fatigue, weary, fag; exhaust, enervate, prostrate, bleed white; tax, burden, oppress, press, bear, bear upon; overwork, overtax, overtask, overstrain.
9. tense, stretch; pull, tug, haul; push, shove, heave

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